How to start working with the shield

PBC (Arduino Shield)

We assume you already have an Arduino board. If not, there many shops where you can order it (Ex: for around 20 €.
Now you need the Arduino Shield "scratch_io", you can manufacture it by yourself using the layout files you can find in this wiki or you can order it from us. Even this board is made under the openHardware spirit, in order to enable an easy and cheap way of getting the board to the community, we have some units ready to deliver. You can order: PCB only, PCB plus components or a PCB that is completely functional. Please eMail us for details.

Scratch Software

Visit the S4A web site to download their customization of Scratch which makes Scratch ready to interact with Arduino and the scratch_io shield.
Download and install the scratch software in your computer.

Arduino firmware

Now we need to update the firmware of the Arduino board with the code that 'understands' the scratch commands sent via USB to Arduino; this firmware manages all the input-output of the shield.

Start working

In the menu "motion" (in blue, movimiento), we can find all methods to program the scratch_io shield. Please see the pages dedicated to each different process (digital input, digital output, analog output and others in the menu of your left side of the screen).


We are working in a set of hardware and software basic projects to illustrate the possibilities of the system.